In Spain, five meals a day and food must be served all at once.

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0:00 Previous Episode: Eating for an International Marriage is Hard Here
0:24 Hiroko In Spain, each dish is served one at a time
1:41 Foreigners who marry Japanese prefer Japanese food
4:09 My partner hates wasabi and ginger
5:54 How do you react when you cook a foreign dish for the first time?
6:55 Making chili sauce hurts

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Planet of Food
The concept of "Planet of Food" is "Life is more fun when you know the world's cuisine! It is a project that invites three housewives who live in different parts of the world to share information about food and cross-cultural exchange.

Twitter: @PlanetofFood1

BGM: "MusMus

Production: Hideyasu Shimazu, Kenichi Iwabuchi

Raccoon...Cydonie Brown. Served 3 years in the Navy at Misawa Air Base in Aomori, Japan. Lived in Japan for 14 years, including Dotonbori, Osaka. Currently resides in Connecticut, USA. Not much of a cook.

Raccoon...Mayumi Chigita is from Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture. Since the U.S. military base in Sasebo was located nearby, she spent her childhood surrounded by many friends who were involved in the U.S. military. After living in Tijuana, Mexico for about a year and a half, she moved to the Philippines for about a year due to her work. After my stay in the Philippines, I immediately returned to Mexico and lived in Irapuato, Mexico (about 2.5 years).
Currently, I am visiting customers and suppliers as a designer and sales representative of packaging materials. Funakoma Sanpo

Kobukinmek Owl... Hiroko Sagawa was born and raised in Tochigi Prefecture. After qualifying as a dental hygienist, she worked as a dental hygienist in Barcelona and has lived in Barcelona with her partner and two daughters since 2004, in a city along the Mediterranean Sea where the climate is nice and food is abundant. On a whim, she posts videos on YouTube. SIBIPRICHANNEL @sibiprichannel #cookpad #truefeelings
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